How to Clean your Windows 
Everyone knows that cleaning windows properly is not an easy task. Here are some tips to help ensure you have beautiful, clear windows every time. 
Keep in mind when you are cleaning windows that you don’t use anything harsh or abrasive on the glass. It’s also a good idea not to wipe or scrub at dry glass. This can scratch it without you even realizing it.  
Be sure the glass is wet or the cloth that you are using is damp. Don’t scratch at spots or stains on the windows. If you have something sticky (such as sticker residue), try something like Goo-Gone (available from Amazon) to remove it and then clean the windows normally. 
How to Avoid Streaks 
Nothing is worse than spending time cleaning and washing your windows to find that you have big streaks and smears in them. One thing about cleaning windows that we would all like to know is how to avoid those annoying streaks. Here are some tips: 
• Use a microfiber window washing cloth. 
• Use a large coffee filter. 
• Use black and white newspaper. Not slick or shiny paper. 
Removing Stickers and Decals 
If you want to clean and wash the window properly, you need to know how to safely remove stickers and decals. If you have children, you can find unwanted stickers and decals on your car windows, mirrors and windows at home. 
There are products on the market such as “Goo-Gone” that help break down the components of the glue that holds stickers and decals on. You should try this to help you remove the sticker and/or the glue it leaves behind. When all of this is completely gone, then you can clean the windows as you normally would. 
More Window Cleaning Tips 
• Instead of using a paper towel or cloth towel, use newspaper. There will be no streaks and the shine will be brighter. 
• Another lint-free and streak-free idea is to use coffee filters instead of towels. 
• Don’t ever scrape, use a knife or razor blade or use a grill pad for cleaning the windows. 
• Use car window solution on your home windows – it works great. 
• If you need extra clean windows and you can’t do it yourself, hire a professional. 
• An interesting solution- You can purchase ammonia already mixed with some soap. 
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