Cleaning Wooden Floors 
White Vinegar is the best cleaning product to use on your wooden floors. 
All modern hardwood floors are covered with a varnish that makes the grain impervious to dirt, so you really need to clean the varnish. That's why white vinegar is the best way to clean these floors. 
The Cleaning Process: 
• Sweep or vacuum the floor to remove dirt and grime. 
• Use 1 capful (1 TBL) of white vinegar to one gallon of warm water. 
• Submerge a mop into the cleaning solution. 
• Wring the mop completely so it is just damp. Contrary to popular belief, slopping water all over the place does not do a better cleaning job and could damage the floor too. 
• Go over the entire floor rinsing the mop in the vinegar solution often. 
• Use a towel to dry the floor when finished to avoid water spots. 
When it comes to the types of vinegar to use, be sure to use plain white vinegar.  
Avoid specialty vinegars such as apple cider and red wine vinegar. 
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