The 10 Commandments of Cleaning 
Most of you reading this have been cleaning around the house all your life. 
I know everyone has their own personal way of cleaning and what works best for you. But if you could do it a little faster, more efficient and easier, would you? 
Follow these great cleaning rules and make your next day a better day so you can get the job done quicker then go out and enjoy some leisure time! 
1. Clean from Top to Bottom 
This applies to all aspects of housecleaning. Start on the highest floor and work your way down. 
The first thing you should look at when stepping into a room is the ceiling. 
If you are dusting, start at the ceiling (cobwebs), work your way down the walls, tops of picture frames, doorways, mirrors, wall lamps, mantles, etc. 
This way you’re not getting dust on items you've already cleaned. 
This rule also applies to the windows and mirrors in your house. Clean the lowest last. 
2. Clean from Back to Front 
If you are vacuuming, start in the farthest corner from the door. Back up towards the door as you vacuum. 
By vacuuming this way you leave the room without footprints and the newly vacuumed carpet looks great. 
When you’re cleaning in the kitchen, start with the outside of the cabinets, moving to the back of the cooker and work surfaces throughout the kitchen, then the drawer exteriors. 
3. Carry Your Cleaning Supplies 
Organize your cleaning supplies and carry them with you; your gloves, cloths, all-purpose cleaners, etc. This is to eliminate making too many unnecessary trips back and forth throughout the house. 
If you put your supplies in a caddy or bucket you've just saved yourself time and you’re staying on track. 
In order to keep your caddy from getting too heavy, you can always keep room specific cleaning supplies close. 
For instance, keep toilet cleaners in the bathroom. 
4. Dust First, Vacuum Last 
When you dust first, moving from top to bottom, you are swiping away the dust bunnies up high and letting them fall to the floor. 
Now you can vacuum it all away and have a nice, clean floor. When you’re vacuuming, do so at a slower pace so you will effectively remove debris. 
Again, work from back to front and overlap your vacuuming strokes. 
5. Make Each Move Count 
Cleaning can be tedious and get a little tiring. If you clean in one direction, you are being more efficient and are more likely to clean everything thoroughly the first time. 
I suggest you either clean a room from left to right, or right to the left. 
I tend to go left to right, it’s quicker for me to pick up with my left hand and clean with my right hand. 
If you’re in the bathroom and say for instance the toilet is dirtier than usual, apply your cleaner, let it sit, and move on to another area of the bathroom. 
6. Wipe it Dry 
This applies to the bathrooms, kitchen, and floors. Always dry metal and wood surfaces to eliminate water spots and etching – make it shine! 
7. Turn up the Volume 
Turn on some music and turn up the volume, you’ll find it easier to concentrate on the tasks at hand and finish the job quickly. 
8. Know Your Cleaning Products and Surfaces 
Many commonly used cleaning products can be harmful to you and/or the cleaning surface if used incorrectly or mixed with other products. 
• For instance, never use vinegar on marble or stone floors, the acid will etch and dissolve the surface and remove the beautiful shine. 
• Read all product labels and instructions prior to use. Cleaning products have instructions and warnings clearly labelled on the back. 
• For your health’s sake, read the warnings and instructions carefully, especially if it’s a new product you’re using. 
9. Make a Checklist  
Make a cleaning checklist and assign tasks or take a look at some of the cleaning lists on line. 
Now that you have these great cleaning rules, make your next day a better day so you can get the job done quicker then go out and enjoy. 
10. Clean Your House as a Team 
There are times when help is needed. Get the kids involved. Get your husband involved. Get Rowan Cleaning involved! 
Turn on some music and have the kids clean their rooms. This will help get the cleaning done more quickly. 
Now that you have these great cleaning rules, make your next day a better day so you can get the job done quicker then go out and enjoy some leisure time!! 
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