Bathroom Cleaning 
1. The Bin 
If you are changing out the liner in your bathroom bin regularly, you may be forgetting that occasionally the bin itself needs to be cleaned.  Whether you solve it with a weekly wipe down, or a monthly deep washing, bathroom bins can harbour germs and dirt. They'll need more than just a liner change to keep the room clean and fresh 
2.  Shower Curtain and Liner 
 Shower curtains and liners don't need to be taken down weekly to be cleaned, but they should be cleaned regularly.  If you use a daily shower spray to prevent mildew and soap scum buildup, it can be sprayed onto your shower curtain liner.  Take the shower curtain and liner down to be washed in a washing machine when they begin to look dirty, smell, or have items spilled on them. 
3.  All Parts of the Toilet 
 The obvious parts of the toilet are easy to remember to clean, but many toilets have hidden areas that can get grimy and nasty very quickly.  At least weekly the entire toilet area needs to be cleaned.  Start at the top and work your way down to the bottom, cleaning in any hidden nooks and crannies, especially behind the toilet. 
4.  Under the Sink 
 The area under the bathroom sink can get cluttered and disorganized very quickly.  Make it a point to straighten the area under the sink weekly.  Toss old or expired items that are no longer needed. Be sure to dispose of any cleaning supplies that are bad. Make sure lids are on bottles securely to avoid spills. Use bins and buckets to organize and store smaller items so they won't be lost. 
5.  Bathroom Cabinet 
 When you are cleaning mirrors and surfaces, the cabinet in your bathroom could also use a weekly straightening and wipe down.  Face creams and other substances can spill and stain the area.  Left for a long time, you'll have a sticky tough mess.  A weekly wipe down and purging will remove old and expired items and keep the area clean and tidy. 
6.  Drains 
 It's not an obvious place to clean until you have a clog, but weekly drain maintenance can prevent a lot of gross and costly problems later.  Hot water, baking soda, and vinegar can all help freshen and clean drains so that they flow freely and without odors. It doesn't take very much time to maintain a drain, especially compared to how much time it takes to repair one. 
7.  Toilet Brush Holder 
 Your toilet brush does a great job of swirling around in the toilet bowl and cleaning away the stuff that accumulates there.  But if you put the dirty toilet brush back into it holder without cleaning it, you are creating a mess for yourself.  The holder for your toilet brush can become a hotel for germs.  Regularly clean and sanitize both the toilet brush and the holder to avoid this. 
8.  Toilet Paper Holder 
It's a small area that doesn't get a lot of dirt, but can be contaminated with germs or layered with dust.  Usually a quick wipe down of the toilet paper holder is all that is required to keep it clean and sanitary. First wipe down with a dry cloth and then sanitize and wipe down with a wet cloth. 
9.  Fans and Ceiling Vents 
 The fan in the bathroom does a great job at removing moisture and preventing mildew growth, but it, too, occasionally needs to be dusted and wiped down to keep it functioning.  A vacuum cleaner with brush attachment can be used to dust it, or a long handled duster. 
10. Handles and Switches 
Door handles and switches in the bathroom are frequently touched but often forgotten about when cleaning time occurs. Again, these places usually only need a quick wipe down unless a spill has occurred. 
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