How to Clean your Windows 
Everyone knows that cleaning windows properly is not an easy task. Here are some tips to help ensure you have beautiful, clear windows every time. 
Keep in mind when you are cleaning windows that you don’t use anything harsh or abrasive on the glass. It’s also a good idea not to wipe or scrub at dry glass. This can scratch it without you even realizing it.  
Be sure the glass is wet or the cloth that you are using is damp. Don’t scratch at spots or stains on the windows. If you have something sticky (such as sticker residue), try something like Goo-Gone (available from Amazon) to remove it and then clean the windows normally. 
How to Avoid Streaks 
Getting Stains Off Wooden Worktops 
When it comes to stains on wooden worktops, it has to be said that prevention is always better than cure. 
It may be that the stains on your worktop are concentrated into the high traffic areas (ie. areas where you work most often) or they may be general and widespread across the whole of your worktop. If the stains are general and widespread across the whole of your worktop, there is little doubt that a full re-sand and re-finish will work out more effective and more efficient, both time and cost-wise. 
That said, if you only have random stains here and there, you should be able to tackle these and remove them effectively without going to the extent of a complete re-sand and re-finish. Generally speaking stains on worktops fall into two categories: surface and deep. 
Most surface and deep stains are caused by trapped moisture. Generally speaking if the stain is white, it’s only on the surface, if it’s black or dark, it has had a chance to penetrate deeper into the wood. 
The 10 Commandments of Cleaning 
Most of you reading this have been cleaning around the house all your life. 
I know everyone has their own personal way of cleaning and what works best for you. But if you could do it a little faster, more efficient and easier, would you? 
Follow these great cleaning rules and make your next day a better day so you can get the job done quicker then go out and enjoy some leisure time! 
Cleaning Wooden Floors 
White Vinegar is the best cleaning product to use on your wooden floors. 
All modern hardwood floors are covered with a varnish that makes the grain impervious to dirt, so you really need to clean the varnish. That's why white vinegar is the best way to clean these floors. 
Cloudy Drinking Glasses 
You just washed a batch of glasses, but for some reason they still look foggy and in desperate need of another cycle. Hard water minerals are creating a film build-up, or your dishwasher permanently etched the glass. 
Bathroom Cleaning 
1. The Bin 
If you are changing out the liner in your bathroom bin regularly, you may be forgetting that occasionally the bin itself needs to be cleaned.  Whether you solve it with a weekly wipe down, or a monthly deep washing, bathroom bins can harbour germs and dirt. They'll need more than just a liner change to keep the room clean and fresh 
Mould grows in damp, warm conditions without much ventilation. It causes horrible stains on walls and carpets and can leave a damp, musty smell in your home. It can also be bad for your health, leading to respiratory conditions if left untreated. Here are our top 10 tips on how to deal with it and how to prevent it occurring in the first place. 
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