Posts from February 2019

The Best Way to Clean Rugs 
You walk on your rug every day, and over time it can lose some of its lustre. But with proper care, your rug can look its best for years to come. All you need is a regular cleaning regimen, the right vacuum, and some stain-busting tricks. 
1. Vacuum Often—Where It Counts 
Carpet functions like a giant air filter, collecting our home's dirt and dust. Those two Ds act like fine sandpaper, wearing down carpet fibres over time, make sure you vacuum high-traffic areas once a week or more.  
By just quickly vacuuming the high-soil areas in the entries and toward the front of your home, you can add years to the life of your rug. 
While vacuuming, take your time and use overlapping strokes.  
Count slowly to three during each forward and backward stroke, to make sure they give the vacuum time to do its work. 
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